Alexis Mazza Korb comes from a long line of family jewelers. Her family has been serving the jewelry industry for SIX - Generations, dating back almost two centuries in a small town just south of Naples called Torre Del Greco. Starting in the 1840's the Mazza family worked with coral and conch shells for cameos, which they harvested and hand carved in Italy. At the turn of the century Louis Mazza left Europe to import gems and Mazza carvings to the United States.

In the years to come, 1950 to 1960 his four sons joined the business as it expanded. The third son william, worked closely with major designers, honing in on his own creative skills, and in 1970 produced his first collection for Bergdorf Goodman and Magnum & Company under the M A Z Z A name. Today William is joined by his three sons Billy, Jeffrey and Steven who continue to practice the same craft passed down from generation to generation.

In 2017 the M A Z Z A family proudly took on a new generation in the family business, Alexis Mazza Korb THE SIXTH GENERATION JEWELER, granddaughter to William Mazza and daughter to Jeffrey Mazza. Alexis has established a fine jewelry line called LEX Fine Jewelry, where she designs in 14k and 18k with diamonds, pearls, and semi precious stones. She is carried in 45 stores across the country, honorably continuing the family name for generations to come.