The Lex Behind LexiMazz

Four X Award Winning Designer

The 6th Generation Jeweler 

LexiMazz Designs is a four time award winning jewelry designer  founded in New York, is a revolutionary fine jewelry design company that utilizes a distinctly unique, yet modern style. Drawing from her equally distinct and unique experience as a sixth-generation jeweler, the founder and designer, Alexis Mazza, melds her life experience within the jewelry industry with her love for fashion and education at the Fashion Institute of Technology to create her unprecedentedly inspirational pieces. Sleek lines, chic drapery, and the quality use of gold, diamonds, and semi-precious stones to create a cohesive style of sexiness and sophistication applicable to any situation.

 Her collections are deliberately designed so that they can be worn together, mixed and matched, stacked, layered, and worn in any setting while executing confidence, beauty, and grace. Alexis designs her line in such a way that empowers women to think outside the box and allows each customer to create their own individual look, thus creating a distinctive and exciting experience that is different for every customer.

The uniqueness, passion, and love poured into each piece earned the company accolades and recognition as one of three winners in the 2017 Emerging Jewelry Designers competition hosted by Centurion. This achievement earned LexiMazza Designs one of the coveted displays at the Centurion Jewelry Show in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she unveiled her line. 






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